All order place on 30/5 and 31/5 will be courier on 1/6/22.We now also accept LAYBUY m, AFTERPAY, ZIP, GENOAPAY, LATIPAY, ONLINE & INSTORE. All order place on 30/5 and 31/5 will be courier on 1/6/22. We now also accept LAYBUY, AFTERPAY, ZIP, GENOAPAY, LATIPAY, ONLINE & INSTORE.


Home decor accessories to enhance your home.

Your one-stop-shop for Aroma diffusers in NZ for the best range and prices for electrical Ultrasonic Air Humidifiers.



What a hoot, check out our huge range of fabric Owl bags and more.

The perfect finishing touch with this Beautiful and strong wicker basket to complement your home decor and the clutter out of sight !!! We have a huge selection of baskets in size and design makes from cane, rattan in NZ online to suit all occasions.


A selection of Free Standing towel racks, toilet roll holders and accessories to enhance your Bathroom.

Some cool ideas to help dress up your kiwi bach.



Corner, under the window, bed end or entrance way seats, we have it covered. In solid wood,
Looking for something special for your home, offices, work place.
A huge range available of unique bowls, shapes, sizes, colours, along with plate stands to set them off.

We possibly have the biggest selection of polyresin, wooden and stone Buddhas and Ganesha in NZ to enhance your home, both Indoors and Outdoors or for that all important Meditation Room.



Unique buffet cabinet or side board for you living room. With many is one of piece we have in NZ.


By online in NZ with the best selection and luxury candles for all your home and gifts.

Be it metal or shabby chic we have it, single or multi hold pillar candle holders, great home decor for you house.

The large selection and great prices incense holder in N Z made from stone, wood and ceramic.

Candle, Incense, Backflow incense burner, Oil Diffuser, Oil burner, Organic Essential oil, candle holders, Incense holder that all-important health, healing, spiritual cleansing and ambiance. Check out our best selection and prices in NZ.

Sturdy stools and chairs made from Acacia Wood made to stand the test of time.




Be it large or small, we have it all we have in all. Unique, Shabby Chic, Railway Station and much more. Best selection of clocks, mirrors and Barometer for you home or offices Accessories & Decor in NZ.
Good selection of coaster made from Rattan, Glass, ceramic etc with great prices in NZ.
Hang all your jacket, coat, bags and hats. Best prices in NZ

Selection of coffee table, side table, lamp table in NZ made from glass, wood at very affordable prices and design to suit your living room.

Motor Bikes, Trucks, and Cars for the collector out there. We also have a great range of Steampunk, Dragon and Novelties in New Zealand.



A gorgeous handcrafted bottle made out of pure copper that will purify & alkalise water to promote health and wellbeing.
Crystal bringing energy, balance, well being to your body, mind and soul. Great selection of crystal all shape and size for your collection in NZ.
Best selection of crystal bottle in NZ.
Spiritual, crystal jewelry and many more for yourself, great selection in NZ
Assorted Crystal Lamps available, all come with a dimmer lead, you choose the mood.
Cushion and cushion cover
Cane lamp shades that will look good in any room.
We offer unique, retro, modern, french country dining table with recycled, rustic, wood in NZ with very good prices and range.

The dream catcher is one of the most enduring and widespread symbols associated with Native American culture is believe that the night air is filled with dreams both good and bad. The dream catcher when hung over or near your bed swinging freely in the air, catches the dreams as they flow by. The good dreams know how to pass through the dream catcher, slipping through the outer holes and slide down the soft feathers so gently that many times the sleeper does not know that he/she is dreaming. The bad dreams not knowing the way get tangled in the dream catcher and perish with the first light of the new day.

The best selection of dream catcher of styles, colors & sizes is now available in New Zealand.

Unique made of Teak Wood, all having there own point of difference.

A boutique collection of premium grade, 100% Pure & certified organic essential oils to enhance your life and wellbeing.

Essential oils are the life force of flowers & plants and can be used to address health imbalances in a holistic way.

Even though aroma therapy has become a common term, many people are yet to realise the full potential & the healing benefits of a single drop of essential oil.

KN95 Disposable Respirator Mask
All you need for father day gifts idea in NZ. One stop shop unique, huge range and best prices to suit your budget.

What is feng shui? This is a simple question that can be difficult to answer. Feng shui is an ancient art and science developed over 3,000 years ago in China. It is a complex body of knowledge that reveals how to balance the energies of any given space to assure health and good fortune for people inhabiting it.


I can offer a number of different consultation packages all specially tailored to the individual.  Given there are never two consultations the same, I prefer to discuss with prospective clients what they are looking to achieve as the first step. To enable us to tailor-make a package that is the most cost-effective to you, we need to ascertain is travel on my behalf required, how many people are involved, is it a House or Business. Once this has been established I can then put together a Package proposal. There will be further information I will require after my services have been engaged and before I arrange a time for a site visit.

1. Residential Onsite.

This includes an initial on-site visit in addition to a comprehensive report for all areas of your home and garden along with ongoing email & telephone support. In order to do this, and before meeting for the On-Site Visit  I will require some important information. The age of the house, a floor plan of the property, how many occupants will reside there and their dates of birth,

The information you will receive includes:

  • A comprehensive written report incorporating FormCompass and Flying Star School. The report is designed for you and your home so no two reports are the same.
  • Advice on water feature placement to stimulate financial prosperity
  • Advice on decor, colours, furnishings and furniture arrangement
  • Recommendations on how you could improve aspects of your life by activating positive energies and neutralising negative energies
  • Every room in the home including the garden will be discussed.
  • Suggestions that are inexpensive yet practical
  • Best directions for people working from home
  • Advice on how what and where to de-clutter.
  • One site visit
  • 3-month Telephone and email support

2. Residential Updates.

The annual date is for all of our clients who have had consultations previously to ensure their home supports them for the year ahead. It is recommended to be completed prior to the 4th February each year as it gives insights into the year ahead. In addition to updating the Feng Shui of the property, the occupants of Chinese astrology is also updated.

  • Recommended prior to February 4th of each year however it can be done at any time
  • Does not include a site visit but enables us to use information already sourced to update you on the incoming years energies and how they may affect the occupants in the home
  • A summary email report will be provided listing remedies and changes required for that particular year
  • Includes a brief overview of your Chinese Astrology for the year
  • Only available to clients who have already had a comprehensive consultation

3. Buying a House (Pre- Purchase Consultation)

Buying a house is one of the biggest investments we make so why not ensure your prospective home supports your health, wealth and relationships prior to signing on the dotted line. Choosing a home with supportive energies in the entrance and the bedrooms are a lot better than finding out they are challenging and having to add remedies. To take advantage of this consultation and before an onsite visit, I will require some important information. The age of the house, a floor plan of the property, how many occupants will reside there and their dates of birth. This is a Site Visit Consultation with verbal discussion and a brief written recommendations report of the on-site visit.

4. Concept to Keys Consultation.

Buying a Section and New Build.

Buying a Section or a piece of Land and Building a new House is one of the biggest investments you will probably make so why not ensure your prospective home supports your health, wealth and relationships prior to signing on the dotted line. Choosing a Section or piece of land to build on with supportive energies for you and the occupants that will eventually reside there is very Important. This is by far the most comprehensive Consultation as it starts prior to purchasing the piece of Land or Section right through until you turn the key and move into your New Home, this could extend over 5 months or longer. We call this CONCEPT TO KEYS and includes 3 site Visits.

The Consultation Includes.

  1. Initial Section or Land site visit prior to purchase
  2. Meeting with you & your Architect to discuss plans and Positioning of the House on the Section or Piece of Land.
  3. A comprehensive written report incorporating Form, Compass and Flying Star School. The report is specially designed for you and the occupants of the property as no two reports are the same.
  4. Advice on Decor, Colours, Lighting, Furnishings and Furniture placement when you turn the key and move in, a Site Visit is required.
  5. Best Direction and Room for anyone working from home, including where to place office Furniture.
  6. Advice on which inexpensive Feng Shui products will enhance your Health, Wealth, Protection & Happiness and where to place them in your house.
  7. Advice on your Garden layout including the placement of a Water Feature to stimulate Financial Prosperity.
  8. Ongoing Email & Telephone Support throughout the whole process.

To take advantage of this consultation and before an onsite visit, I will require some important information. Address of the prospective Section or Land, Plan of the Section, Your Date of Birth and prospective occupants of the House once built, a floor plan of the property, how many occupants will reside there and their dates of birth.

5. Selling a House (Pre- Sale Consultation)

Would you like to create an environment that supports the sale of your home? If so Feng Shui could be the missing link to a successful sale. The majority of people have already decided if they want to buy your home seconds after they walk through the door so there are no second chances for first impressions. This consultation will focus on making your home “feel right” energetically. We are not talking about major renovations but rather subtle yet very effective solutions to help facilitate a successful sale. We can work with your Real Estate to help achieve this. 

 This is a special service and is provided to clients who want to ensure a quick sale and successful sale based on the Traditional principles of Feng Shui.

We will give you advice on the following.

  1. Where to place the For Sale Sign, and which Direction for maximum exposure
  2. Any superficial work that needs to be addressed at the least possible expense.
  3. How to make the Property light and Airey to bring in Positive Energies.
  4. Recommendations on de-cluttering to ensure the best use of Room space available.
  5. Give advice on the Route your agent should take prospective buyers through the house. 

6. Business Consultation.

Please note that this consultation is for Small to Medium-sized Businesses, comprising normally of up to 10 staff and approximately 300sq Meter Site.

There are a few conditions that must be met for me to conduct this special consultation.

Once the deposit payment is received, I will email you a short questionnaire to be completed. The information I will require is a Floor Plan of the business Premises, Dates of Birth of the Key people involved in the Business & the age of the Business Premises. Once you have emailed back the required information I will arrange a time to meet at the Site. As this consultation is individually tailored for you and your business partners, if any, it can take up to 7 Working Days to complete from the Initial Meeting and Site Visit.

A comprehensive written report will be emailed to you, followed up with a telephone call to discuss.

The report will include.

The use of Form, Compass and Flying Star School.

  • Advice on water feature placement to stimulate financial prosperity
  • Recommendations on how you could improve ALL aspects of your business by activating positive energies and neutralizing negative energies
  • The focus will be on every area of the business
  • How to enhance the Entry to your Business Premises.
  • Suggestions if necessary that are inexpensive and practical & incorporate the five elements
  • Supportive colours and elements for every room or office  in the business
  • Recommendations for furniture placement.
  • Recommendations on which office and where to sit for the Money Makers and Decision Makers in the Business
  • Ongoing Email and Telephone support throughout the implementation phase.


We stock a large range of Feng Shui products in NZ to enhance your home, health, wealth and well being.
Great range of stunning flowers for weddings, Home décor floral arrangements, Single Stems. Great for wedding flower arrangement. These Flowers are handmade, hand painted using recycled paper. Hours of work have been put in to bringing them life.
Find a perfect gift for special someone in your life, we have a wide range of selections for your gifts in NZ.

Beautiful and unique handcrafted furniture, one-off pieces to enhance every area of your home.



Bigger selection of Ganesh statue in NZ. For gifts,garden choice from range,size and colour.... 

Although he is known by many attributes, Ganesha's elephant head makes him easy to identify.Ganesha is widely revered as the remover of obstacles,the patron of arts and sciences and the deva of intellect and wisdom. As the god of beginnings, he is honoured at the start of rites and ceremonies.

Enhancing your outdoor living areas could not be easier. Check out our range of Metal Wall Art, Wind Chimes, Garden accessories and various Sculptures,.
Hundreds of ideas for all occasions.We are please to offer free gift wrapping and message note for you, please email our designated “contact us” webpage after check out. 

A bit of everything on offer, whether it is made of Teak Wood, Iron, or Glass they are all individual in their own way.

We have the best range and prices to suit everyone budget in NZ.

An amazing collection of Volcanic Rock and Marble Hand Basins, stand out in the crowd and install one of these, you will be the talk of the town.
Best selection of hanging mobile all hand crafted with colorfully color and range in NZ. Great to decorate your kids bathroom or batch. Best gift for all occasion.
Made in NZ and overseas products, well-being for your body, mind and soul. We have a huge selection of Tarot cards, Oracle cards and crystals in store. Crystal water bottle, Himalayan salt, Singing bowl and more. Best prices in Nw Zealand.


Salt Crystal Lamps and Candle Holders are made from Natural Salt Crystals created by nature millions of years ago and lay hundreds of meters underground in the foothills of the Himalayan, Pakistan. Each Lamp & Candle Holder is carefully handcrafted thus making every piece unique. The lamps are hand washed and sun dried making them all Natural & Pure.


Salt Lamps which are illuminated from inside (warm) emit a higher number of negative ions (vitamins of the air) which are essential for our health and well being which is severely affected these days by our hi-tech lifestyle. Even though they are not a medical device, Salt Lamps by emitting negative ions significantly reduce the myriad of indoor pollutants.

Negative ions have known benefits and may provide relief from sinus, migraine headaches, hay fever, reduce the severity of Asthma attacks, increase lung capacity, increase alertness and reduce the susceptibility of colds & flu.

All of ours come with a dimmer lead making them suitable for any room in the house. Big selection of sizes to choose from.

Take a pick from our large range of shapes, weights, sizes and designs. All come with a dimmer lead.
We have the latest and later interior design ideas, beautiful lifestyle inspiration for your home and garden decor.
For the later, large and newer collection home decor and accessories your one stop shop for the unique and the best prices in New Zealand.

The tradition of burning incense helps in clearing the mind, heightens the awareness of self during meditation, and creates an aura of positive energy around you.

Best selection and prices of incense sticks, cones, incense holders and backflow incense burner in NZ for your home decor.

The large selection and great prices incense holder in N Z made from stone, wood and ceramic for your home decor.
Key ring Holder
Universal units on offer.
Kiwiana gifts, collectables, wall art and more. Maori art great gift items and home decor from NZ made and design.

Best selection of motion lava lamps with best prices and new selection in NZ. Led table lamp for men cave or a special farther gift, even great for boy room.


LED cars model table lamp great as men cave, collectible, father day gift with best prices in NZ

Looking for unique NZ living room furniture at the affordable prices and great range of Side table, Coffee table, Entertainment unit, Bookcase, Display unit, Hall & Console table. We have contemporary, modern, classic, retro and traditional for you to choose.

Marble Hand Basins that stand out in the crowd, we have a number of unique shapes and sizes to choose from. Excellent quality and Price, accessories also available.
A great range available of Hooks, holders, signs, door bells and bottle openers. We have the ultimate kiwi men cave collections for NZ check us out !!!
Very unique and stunning mirrors for any wall in your home.

Top quality handmade with stained glass. We have a best range and best price of Moroccan and Turkish mosaic lamp in NZ. 

Our Turkish lamps come with full NZ-recognized electrical certification and include an LED bulb.

We have a huge range of Mosaic Vases that are not only unique in colour but also in all sorts of shapes and sizes to suit your Home Decor, all at a price you would rather Pay.
Look no further! We have a special range of mother's day gifts or a special birthday present idea for you to choose from NZ.
Products on Sale.
The best and long lasting perfume oil and fragrance sprays.
We have a great selection of planter and stand for your home and garden in NZ made from cement, cast iron, and fibreglass. Best prices in NZ.
Rattan furniture for indoor and outdoor stylish yet urban living for your house, huge selection in New Zealand.
The most natural volcanic rock bird baths for your garden will last for many years to come idea for natural NZ setting. Great also for foot bath too !!!
Wooden room divider with special design for your home, office, work place.
Looking for something a bit different, unique or quirky check this lot out. Something for every one modern, contemporary, industry, vintage add character to your interior. One of special piece in NZ from our selection.
A singing bowl is a type of bell that vibrates and produces a rich, deep tone when played. Enhances Yoga, Meditation, Prayer, Charka Healing and Mindset.
Spiritual tool

Smudging has long been used to connect to the spiritual realm or enhance intuition.

For healers and laypeople in traditional cultures, burning sage is used to achieve a healing state — or to solve or reflect upon spiritual dilemmas.

Dispel negative energy

Smudging may also be used as a ritual tool to rid yourself — or your space — of negativity. This includes past traumas, bad experiences, or negative energies from others.

This may help you establish a positive environment for meditation or another ritual. Choosing to sit and let go of negative thoughts in a ritual like this sets your intention and dedication to self-improvement. Choosing to engage in ritual can be the beginning of your change in mindset.

Burning sage creates fragrant smoke central to smudging’s benefits. You can use this incense to smudge yourself or specific spaces. Or according to some sources, you can smudge specific objects.

This can be useful with new purchases, gifts, or secondhand items. However, any item can be smudged.

If you have any concern with negative history or energy attached to a new or unfamiliar object, smudging may help bring peace of mind and make the object more sacred to you.

Who dares to be different, turn your Bathroom or En-suite into a showcase by installing one of these unique natural volcanic rock stone basins. You will be amazed at how it will transform your bathroom & make it a grand design feature for your house. Over 40 to choose from.
Beaded String Curtain to enhance your home decor. String curtains have their own set of advantages and give your privacy. You can use them anywhere, be it a regular window, door, divider, fly screen and totally transform your home decor. Check out our beaded string door curtain selection for the very best in uniqueness and Great color to choose from in NZ.

A unique range of table runners to enhance the dining table. Made from fabric with a silk inlay, bamboo design and 10 colour choices there is something for everyone.

String curtains have their own set of advantages. Use them anywhere on a regular window or door, as a room divider or fly screen. They are also easily installed and maintained compared to other materials. Decorated with beautiful acrylic crystal beads in a wide selection of colours. One of our home decor ideas that will easily transform your space. Good range in NZ.

Best selection of stunning Vases with colours to compliment any Decor. Our selection of Vases range from 40cm to the large 80cm Floor standing, check out our prices and be prepared to be amazed.
A unique collection of wall art and plaques that come in all shapes, sizes and designs to help bring your walls alive.
There's nothing more soothing than the sound of running water and add the tranquillity surrounding the environment to your home. Made of Polyresin these Water Features are designed for both Indoors and out. Best selection and price for table water feature and indoor/outdoor water feature in NZ.
We have a great selection of Bamboo, Aluminium Wind Chimes and garden wind spinners/sculptures to complement your outdoor area and more at great prices. We possibly have the largest range of unique wind chimes in the country.
World of Feng Shui Brand Ambassador for New Zealand