~~This powerful talisman is designed to protect against the negative energy brought by the Quarrelsome #3 in the Year of the Dog (2018).
1.Beautifully crafted cure featuring powerful Eagle taking control of the Quarrelsome Jade #3 star
2.In 2018, the annual Quarrelsome Star flies into the Northeast, the location of the Ox and Tiger. Hence there is quarrelsome energy predicted for this year, especially between the older generation and younger generation.
3.The Quarrelsome Star can bring law suits, legal entanglements and serious disagreements that threaten the harmony of business and family relationships. It brings great tension and stress.
4.The Eagle is the King of Birds, believed to be the manifestation of powerful dakini angels.
5.The Red Eagle clutches the Quarrelsome Star in its claws, taking it away from your home as it flies away. The key chain also features the “anti-anger” amulet of the dakinis to bring greater peace.
6.Due to the destructive nature this star, we strongly recommend for everyone, especially children, to carry this amulet talisman throughout the year.

Strongly recommended for:
1.Anyone living in Northeast Bedrooms
2.All those born in year of Ox and Tiger
3.All Children especially the Youngest Daughter. Very good for children to carry the cure as a talisman (keychain) throughout the year to prevent any problems with elderly.

NOTE: We do not advise the continued use of key chain cures that have been used for more than a year, as it has already absorbed a lot of negative energy. We strongly advise disposing feng shui cures that are broken, chipped or badly scratched.



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